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Memorial Day Crawfish

May 27, 2012

On Sunday, we enjoyed a Crawfish Boil with Jay's family.  My entire family, the Kelley family, and several close friends spent the day by the pool.  The kids had a blast babysiting the crawfish before they were cooked.  It was funny because they all sat around the baby pool full of crawfish.  Each kid had a stick and they poked and played with them all morning.  In the pool we lounged on floats to keep cool from the hot sun.  The kids jumped, flipped, and wrestled in the pool with all the uncles.  It was a perfect day to just relax and enjoy each other's company.
Jacob, Max, and Greyson
Cheeeeessssseeeeeeeeee, Jay and Mary Kate

The feast once the crawfish were dumped on the table
Mike, Josie, Ryan, Jessica, Jay, Lee, Josh, Big Daddy

Barb (aka Sassy B) and Little Logan
Lee and Jon launching Max into the air

Jessica and Holly

Trace, Mary Kate, and Pawpaw

Kayla, Josh, and Max

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