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August 2012
Well, this post is totally out of chronological order due to the big heart news.  I wanted to go ahead and post it due to the cute moments it captured. 
This was a crazy trip to Kroger when the kids were excited.  Now a month later, I don't remember what was so funny, but we were definitely having a good time.  The kids love to check out in the self check out lanes.  They enjoy scanning the items and placing them in the bags.  It does take forever with both their little hands trying to do it all.  I apologize if you have been or are ever in line around us.  I like to watch and help them be independent and learn how it all works.  I am guessing that is what had just happened in this picture.

This was a special moment with Bebe. My grandfather was hospitalized in July for congestive heart failure.  After several weeks in the local hospital he was sent to a rehab hospital an hour away.  Mom spent everyday driving back and forth visiting him.  She was also taking care of my grandmother who suffers from Alzheimer's disease.  Regularly, my grandfather takes care of her with the help of a sitter a few days a week.  Max and Mary Kate really miss spending time with Bebe during these weeks.  They got all excited this day at the hospital.  They were crawling all over her giving her love so I captured a picture.   Pa was moved the later part of August to a nursing home here in town for rehab. Mom also got Nanny into an assisted living center here in town.  Now we are just waiting on Pa to be strong enough for assisted living.  Then they will be back together again.  They have been married for 67yrs and these few months apart has hurt my grandfather.  My grandmother doesn't usually know him, but he knows and wants to be there at her side.   
A laughable moment!  Jay was on a business trip so I took the kids shopping.  We went into the Coach store and Mary Kate went nuts.  She is at an age where she loves purses and bags.  (I guess some of us are still at that age.  Maybe she won't outgrow it. Hahaha.)  She went around the store and collected the wristlets on her arm before I could catch her.  Then she found a purple one.  Being her favorite color, she turned around with this pose as she sat on the floor.  She begged for a "purple purse, Mommy?"  I couldn't resist and had to get a picture to send Jay.  He told me I was nuts and that he was in trouble with both his girls in the Coach store.  True statement!!

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