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The Zoo

August 14, 2012
Another out of order post . . . sorry.  I know it bothers me more than anyone.  My heart news just outweighed finishing these posts for a few weeks.  Anyways.  On one of our last days of summer we visited the zoo.  Kirkland, my second daughter, oldest child, and neighbor came along for the adventure.  It was a perfect day with cool weather and lots of clouds.  First we headed over to feed the lorikeets.  This is by far our favorite thing to do at the zoo.  Before going in the enclosure we each bought a cup of nectar to feed them.  Kirkland had never done this and got really excited as the birds came to her to eat.  Totally out of her comfort zone, she even let them sit and walk on her to eat the nectar.

Here Kirkland had two come over for a snack.  You can tell by her face that she wasn't so sure.

Here, we sat to watch the elephants.  They were close to the fence and moving all around us.  A new addition to the zoo is the baby giraffe.  It was so cute standing with its parents.  He looks tiny in my picture, but of course he stood taller than me.

The kids loved going into the meerkat pop up window.  They would crawl underneath and come up right next to the meerkats.  This one seemed to be talking to them and then chatting back to his fellow meerkats.  While looking at the fish, Mary Kate decided to give this ray a kiss.  She chased it up and down the glass kissing it.  I think the ray saw her because it seemed to be playing back through the glass.

I was trying to get a picture of the girls, but my sassy daughter refused.  It is a successful trip when everyone passes out on the way home.  I think they slept for another 30 min in the driveway once we were home.  Sweet kidos!  So glad we were able to spend the day together.

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