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Kirk's Run

April 29, 2013

Today we went downtown to watch Max's best friend Kirland run.  She has been participating in a kid's running club at school this spring.  They have been logging their miles in cooperation with ING Kid's Rock Marathon program.  The goal was to complete an entire marathon over the weeks of running at school.  The day after the Country Music Marathon the kids all came downtown to run their last mile.  They got to cross the big finish line and mark their 26.2 miles with their team.  Kirland did a fantastic job.  We were proud to be their to cheer her on to the finish.  Kirk a dirk is one special little lady!!

Max's sign

Mary Kate getting a better view from Quinton's shoulders

Kirkland and Michael at the starting line

Coming down the last stretch

Go Kirland!

Kirkland and her friends

Kirkland and her Daddy

Little Cuties!

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