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Days with mKate

 This winter I have enjoyed my days off with Mary Kate.  It has been an adjustment to not have Max with us, but we have learned to have girl time.  Jay takes Max to school each morning and then Mary Kate and I spend the day together.  On Wednesdays we spend the day running around town.  We go to gymnastics with our friends Gindy, Kerrigan, Amanda, and Sawyer.  Then we head out for a lunch date at Chick Fil A so the girls can play.  On other days we shop, visit with Holly and Charlotte, play at the park, eat lunch with Daddy in town, or just hang out at home.  It is such a neat experience to have Mary Kate as an only child for a few hours.  We have never had that and I enjoy the time to focus on her.  She is one vibrant little girl.  Even though we love our time together, we both get excited when it is time to pick up our Bubby.  Our family just isn't complete when he isn't around. 
 Mary Kate, Sawyer, Kerrigan, Charlotte

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