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Arrival to Grayton Beach

June 23, 2013

This year my Family and the McFarland Family decided to change up our beach trip.  We have traveled to Downtown Destin for many many years, but we have outgrown our usual condo.  We tried renting two condos side by side and were not happy with the results.  It is just not the same when we are not all under one roof.  We ventured out and east down the coastline this year to Grayton Beach.  Here we were able to find a wonderful six bedroom house on the beach.  Finally we were all together again with room to spread out. . . . and we LOVED it.  I'm not sure if we will do the condo thing ever again as long as this group is together.  This house was perfect for us with lots of room, seating, and deck space.  We are so so thankful to our families for making it a priority to travel together.  We made many memories, had special moments, and enjoyed lots of laughter on our trip.  I hope you can enjoy some of our time through the pictures.

Welcome to Grayton Beach

Mary Kate, Logan, and Josh

Loving the waves

Our house for the week

Full Moon

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