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T's Wedding

June 22, 2013

My cousin, T., was remarried this summer at a vineyard near his hometown.  We attended the wedding on our way to the beach.  The vineyard was a beautiful setting with the ceremony under a tree, but surrounded by the rows of vines.  Also, down the drive from the ceremony tree you could see the rooftop and steeple of an old church.  The sunset was gorgeous and cast many muted colors around the wedding party.  T. and Ashley exchanged some very personal vows which made the ceremony as intimate as it was beautiful.  I am so glad we were able to take a slight detour on our beach route and celebrate the evening with them.

Our Lil Family

My Parents
Bebe and Big Daddy

Our Princess

Parsons Cousins - Mary Kate, Max, and Charlotte

Big Daddy dancing with Mary Kate

My favorite Lil Buddy

T.'s Kiddos - Tyler, Abby, Sara, and Noah

Big Daddy and Max

My Dad (Big Daddy) and his Brother (Uncle Tony)

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