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November 1, 2013

Due to bad weather conditions on Halloween our neighborhood decided to post pone trick or treating to Friday night.  This turned out to be a wonderful decision with great weather and comfortable temperatures.   We had already planned to have our annual part this night so we just added in trick or treating and costumes.  The kids collected lots of candy and had a blast running and playing outside for the night.  We enjoyed the company of friends and family.  Our garage was full of delicious soups, chilis, and other foods for the evening.  We were also able to "taste the rainbow" and we sat by the fire-pits late into the night.   

Sawyer and Micah

Kirkland, Ellie, and Kayla

The Kiddos

MaryKate and Sawyer

Emerson and Max

Jacob and Kayla

MaryKate and Max

Quinton and Ashlyn

Max and Carter

Amanda and Logan

Micah and Clay

Logan and MaryKate

Pawpaw and Grandma

My Honey!

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