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Thanksgiving at The Farm

November 30, 2013

The Parsons Thanksgiving always falls on the Saturday following the holiday.  Because of this we were able to make it back from our Cul-de-sac Trip and visit with my family.  Again this year we had dinner at my Uncle's farm.  The kids all have loads of fun here because they can run, explore, and be kids.  This year they shot guns with the big guys, rode the golf cart and go cart, played on the swing-set, and just ran like kids.  

After all the outdoors time, we gathered in the morton building for Thanksgiving dinner.  As usual it was all very tasty and filling.  We were blessed to have Margaret and her sister join us this year.  We surprised her with a birthday party to celebrate her 89th that was coming up in December.  But really, Margaret had the biggest surprise of all.  She came over and asked Mom to switch seats to sit next me.  I thought she just wanted to chit chat with us, but she had a bigger agenda.  She leaned over and said, "I have something for you, if you will take it."  Not knowing and honestly a little nervous I laughed and said, "Well, that depends on what it is."  She got a little shaky and pulled her hands out of her lap as she slid her engagement ring off.  She said, "I wanted you to have this that your Granddaddy Bull gave me."  I about choked and immediately started the ugly cry.  I couldn't even speak.  She went on to tell me that long before Bull got sick they discussed it.  She said it was one afternoon they were laying on the bed taking a nap when she asked him if she could give it to me.  Bull agreed and thought it was a good idea, but she wanted him to make sure that if anything happened to her, that he gave it to me.  Yes, the tears continued to flow and they flow now as I write this entry.  Margaret has meant the world to us just like my Nanny Mary did.  She has loved us like her own and has taken us in like grandchildren and great grandchildren.  She loved on my babies just like my Nanny would have if she were here today.  I have now had Nanny Margaret in my life longer than I had my Nanny Mary.  She is so extremely special to us.  I believe that Nanny Mary sent her to us to carry on her love.   I am so thankful to have her ring now on my left hand with my wedding band and my Nanny Mary's ring on my right hand.  Wow!  What a day!

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