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Visiting Lynchburg

July 4, 2013
 Our next trip for the summer started just a few days after the beach trip ended.  This time we headed out northeast from home.  Our destination was a week long trip in Washington DC with the Kelley Crew.  Since we were going to be passing right by our old stomping grounds of LU we planned a visit.  We were blessed to be able to stay with an old dear friend.  Kristen welcomed us into her home and then spent the next days touring around town with us.  It was a special time to be able to hang out and catch up with her.  Jay and I were blown away at how much Liberty has changed and grown.  The campus is more beautiful than ever.  It was unreal how it felt to be back again.  As much as I rushed my years in Lynchburg due to being homesick, I now have a inner pull back to that city.  I guess it is because of how much we grew while living away.  We established our independence and marriage there, we began a deeper, more intimate journey with God there, we studied hard and earned our degrees for foundations to our current careers, and we made many lifelong friends and relationships in Lynchburg.  No matter how far we may travel from that great city,  
Liberty University will always run deep in our veins.

When we first arrived we took the kids on a trek up to the top of one of the mountains.  Jay and I used to enjoy this hike and view and we wanted to share it with the kiddos.

They were both impressed at how high we climbed.

We visited the LU football stadium and got to walk around inside.  Max loved running on the field.  Who knows?  Maybe one day I will get to once again sit in those stands and watch another special man in my life.

Many of the buildings have be rebuilt and are exquisite.  This one is the Hancock Building that is right as you round the corner onto campus.  It is a lot bigger now that it has been redone.

DeMoss is now finished with classes on every floor and a rooftop terrace that overlooks campus.  When we started at LU the building that stood here was one level and very make shift in appearance. 

We were able to walk the halls of DeMoss and the Nursing Dept. Max had fun finding my picture in the Nursing Class Photos.  
Graduation gowns one day?

1117 Mill Stream Lane . . . where our love story started together.

Go Flames