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Washington DC Day 1

July 7, 2013

The Washington DC trip started off with two days on the Big Bus Tours.  It was a great view to see the city from the top of the double decker buses.  The company had numerous buses running different routes all over the area.  We spent the days hoping off one, visiting the area, then jumping on another one and heading to a different landmark.  The tours were equipped with earphones describing what was around you or a microphone tour guide discussing the history surrounding us.  This tour was probably the best money we spent on the entire trip.  We got to see almost everything and then knew what we wanted to go investigate more.  I thoroughly enjoyed the tour guides and all the tid bits they added as we rolled through the city.

The old lock system that used to carry materials into the city from the river

The White House

The Washington Monument

Kennedy's Burial Site and Eternal Flame

Lunch at the Historic Post Office

The Key House where the keys to the White House were kept

Arlington Cemetary

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Air Force Memorial

Ice Cream Break

The nightly planning and strategizing meeting for the next day

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