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Our Moon

January 9, 2009 We have a full moon right now in our little piece of the world. This is what it looked like from my deck last night. What does your moon look like? Is it full in Mexico? Is it full in Alaska? Is is full in Virginia? Where are you in the world and what does it look like? It is really amazing how God shares the wonders of the universe with us in our own backyard. Many times I don't stop to take a moment to marvel at his creative works. The moon and stars are some of my favs. The vastness of them never ceases to amaze me, and it can be compared so easily to God's love. Wow! Take a moment this weekend and simply just look up . . . he sets it out there every night for us to enjoy . . . what does it look like? Last night it was beautiful here . . . . let us know about your moon!

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Mary said...

We definitely have a full moon here in VA, too. It is beautiful. You could even see it during the day yesterday morning as I was leaving work at 7:30am...low on the horizon. God's creation is pretty amazing...just a glimpse of HIM and HIS glory!

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