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Photo Play

January 13, 2009

After the tacky sweater party my mother put out her old Santa pictures of the 3 Parsons kid-os. She has one with Josh and Jon in the sweater Max wore to the party. So now that the rush of the holidays is gone I have had time to touch it up. Check out how I photo shopped me out and the 3 of them together. Then place all three of them under my tree. Ha! It is a good example of how much Max looks like Josh and Jon when they were little. Jessica, Josh, and Jon in Santa's lap at Rivergate Mall circa aprox 1988-1989
Obviously . . Max, Josh, and Jon . . . . 2 decades apart

The "triplets" under my tree this year!! Josh, Jon, and Max

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Bebe said...

What cool memories and good looking boys!!!

Go Flames