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Swimming Day One

January 10, 2009
This morning we conquered another first for Mr. Max. Today was his first day of swimming lessons. Whoa! I think it was shocking for him. Shocking cold water . . . shocking going under . . . shocking that Daddy couldn't hold on to him . . . . shocking that he had to jump in-go under-swim to Daddy (not just jump and be caught) . . . The list could go on, but he was excited (after some tears) and says he is ready to go back next week. He did good once he kind of understood what was going on. (Sorry for the grain-y, blurr-y pictures. I was behind a glass wall and didn't have my good camera with lots of zoom. We will be in lessons all spring, so I should have lots of chances for better pics.)
Here is Max jumping in and swimming to Jay.
Here is Max swimming under water to the wall and then climbing up the wall and out.

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