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Kix's 10th

May 5, 2009

Today was Kix's 10th birthday! Don't laugh . . but we celebrated with a cookout and cake with some family and friends. I think everyone enjoyed themselves . . even the dogs in attendance. We had burgers and cupcakes, but the dogs woofed down some little soft food meals. As you can see Kix's meal had a candle and we sang "Happy Birthday." Then he opened a few gifts of treats and a new ball. His favorite past time is playing fetch over and over and over until your arm hurts. Due to his age he is having a hard time finding the tennis ball in the yard due to the color contrast of the ball and grass. So, we got him a shiny new red ball that we hope will be easier for him to see. He did really well finding it yesterday as everyone took turns playing fetch.

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