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October 7, 2009

Whew . . . the secrets are over . . . and now it is free knowledge about all the spring babies. I've been holding the precious news for too long and I am now excited to announce . . . .
Amanda and Clay are expecting #3! Yea! Carter and Emerson's little bro or sis is expected to arrive in late April. Amanda was here over the weekend for a wedding and got to tell the families of the good news. Max calls it as a Baby Coop with a hair bow! We will have to wait and see if he is right. Amanda is 12 weeks.
Gindy and Scott and also finally expecting their FIRST bundle of poop, spit up, and (oh I forgot JOY!). Just Kidding! I am thrilled that Ginnnndy (as Max says a very long n) is going to have a babe of her own, well and Scott's too. Little Woodward is due to show up the end of May. Gindy is 7 weeks. Max is calling that Sadie will have a sister. I don't know if he is just stuck on girls right now or what, but he says this little one is a girl too! Yea! Sounds like a cheer squad in the making . . . Baby Coop #3, Baby Woodward #1, Mary Kate . . . . Class of 2028! Yikes! More names to add to the Class roster of 2028 are Baby Clifton #2, Baby Grant Gillespie #1, Baby Freeman#3, Baby Hibbard #2, and most recently announced Baby Slusher #2. Let me know if I am not up to date on others for 2028!! Wow that date hurts . . . are we getting old?
Our most recent ultrasound done today! She measures to weigh 1 lb 5 oz as of now.

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