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Jay's Early Birthday

October 17, 2009

We started celebrating Jay's birthday a little early this year. No one in my house likes surprises or secrets, so we tend to give them early instead of keeping them. Max and I went birthday shopping for Daddy on Thursday morning. So by the time Jay went back to work from being home at lunch, he already knew 2 of his 5 presents. Aren't 3 yr olds wonderful! Max begged Thursday night to give Daddy his gift, but I held him off until Friday. Jay opened Max's remote control car that Max picked out on Friday. Max also got him a new DVD player for the bonus room. (Max broke that one and has been "needing" a new one. We thought Daddy's birthday was the perfect time!) Then Saturday the Kelley family all went to dinner and celebrated Jay's birthday at Red Lobster. He got some cold hard cash and then 2 more of mine and Max's gifts. We shocked him with the iTouch that I swore I wasn't buying. HA HA HA. I surprised Jay! I never do that and Max kept it a secret. Probably because he didn't know what it was, but that besides the point right? Now he has one gift left and has to wait until his birthday to get it. And I'm not telling . . . .

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