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Friday Night Bowling

October 9, 2009

Friday night the Kelley family adventured out to the bowling lanes with all 5 kidos. We got the bumpers set up in the gutters and the kids went wild. Max had never been bowling, so he was a real sight to see. The lightest ball we found was 7 lbs. He struggled to carry it up and literally drop it down the lane each time. He loved it and had lots of fun with his cousins. The adults also played a few fun rounds. I had to give it up after a few frames . . . the combination of my belly and my swing were not pretty. I was doing more work staying on my feet rather than bowling. We only had one fatality as Jay's Mom threw the ball backwards towards us instead of down the lane. That was a very funny moment. Max ended the night staying at Tristan and Kayla's house. Tristan is his "best friend cousin" as he calls him. He loves to go out there to spend the night.

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