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Maternity Photos

Decemeber 23, 2009

At 33 weeks (December 13th) our friend and photographer, Monique, did a maternity shoot for us. It was extremely nice of her to come to our house a photograph all 3 of us (sometimes all 4 of us when Kix refused to move). I enjoyed the time displaying my belly of Mary Kate for the camera. Max wasn't really into the the whole cooperating for pictures, but we did get a few with him. Overall we got some splendid photos of her pregnancy. Below are a few favs . .

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Amanda C. said...

they turned out great jess. you will be so glad you did these...even at 33 weeks. you look great. loved hanging out and getting to spend some time together. hope you have a great week. call you later. love you chica.

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