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Reindeer Visit

December 17, 2009 We had a visit from some of Santa's reindeer at a local shopping area. A couple that lives north of here is attempting to start a reindeer farm and Santa's village for families to visit during the holidays. This year they are acquiring their reindeer. They brought this one, Snowflake, and Comet to meet children at the shopping center. We were told that Snowflake is a flight instructor. He doesn't fly with the sleigh, but trains the others on how to fly. They were both very pretty. Max was interested for a few minutes, but then wanted to go back to the train table in Barnes and Noble. Don't make fun, Erika, we aren't as privileged as you guys to have these fancy animals in our backyards. Ha Ha Ha. Yea, we have to see them in exhibitions like I mentioned. They were really beautiful.

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