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Snow Days

January 8, 2010

Finally, we have a dusting of snow here. It was predicated that we would get a whopping 2-4 inches, but . . . . we got a little . . . school was out Thursday and Friday and I won't be surprised if it is out on Monday too. We totally freak out over 1mm of snow here. I happened to be off on Friday, so Max got to stay home and play with friends. Kirkland came down and they played outside until they were frozen. Then Abby and Jack came over to finish the day playing inside. The three of them make a real team and they run, giggle, and pretend all through the day. Abby and I (well I know I did) enjoyed being lazy in front of the TV. It was a great day. Hopefully before the winter is done we will get a real amount of snow. You know enough to not see the grass!! I am not holding my breath, but I will keep praying for it. Thanks God for our taste of snow and real winter weather this weekend. We have loved it and its beauty.
This video is obvisouly Max in the snow. Jay got him another power wheel this past week. He bought it from a friend and then suped it up to fulfill his need for speed. As you can tell, it really flies. am not sure who is more proud of it, Jay or Max. He loves sliding on the snow and riding Kirkland around the cul-de-sac. Here he is headed out of the garage and down to pick her up for play date.

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