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Sibling Class

January 9, 2010
Today we took Max to his Sibling Class at a local hospital. We've been prepping him for it for several weeks. He was excited to be going to "class" to learn how to be a big brother. The class was extremely cute and targeted young siblings. They talked about what to expect when the baby comes home with mommy and daddy. They also got to learn how to diaper, swaddle, bottle feed, burp, bathe, and rock the new baby. (We still haven't crossed the breastfeeding subject. I am saving that for when it is game time. I am afraid there might be too much conversation about it if we bring it up earlier.) Also at class, they practiced everything they talked about with baby dolls and real baby supplies. It was rewarding the watch as a parent. But . . it appears our baby may spend some time learning to flip in the air, ride on Max's head, and dunk head first into the bathtub. We also got to visit the OB floor and see the nursery and patient room. The instructor showed them the warmer and let them feel it. They also got the see the baby cart and talk about the armbands and security bands. At the nursery, he got to see a real newborn. Max was impressed by the small size of the baby. He was also worried about the band aid on the baby's heel. The nurse also talked about the belly button and how it would be purple with a clip on it. I am very thankful we did this class. He has processed it all day, so I look to get some interesting questions when it is time for Mary Kate to come.

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