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Bebe & Josie's Birthdays

January 17, 2010

Tonight we celebrated my mom and sister in law's birthdays. My dad cooked up an awesome dinner of "Terry's Steaks" with huge baked potatoes, baked beans with Dad's hot peppers, mushrooms, salads, and all the fixins. WHEW! It was so good! Ha Ha Ha, I sound so pregnant. Oh Well, at this point I am SO pregnant. We topped off the dinner with a homemade buttercream cake Dad ordered. It was fabulous too! I hoped that Mary Kate would share birthdays with Bebe or her Aunt Josie, but now Bebe's chance is about gone. Josie's real birthday is tomorrow so she's got some time left for her to arrive. Waiting game . . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANUARY GALS!


Laura B. said...

Wow only 13 more days! How exciting!

Mom of Jack said...

Gotta love those "Terry's Steaks!" My money's on Tuesday night or Wednesday after you've been on your feet for two days! Call me after your appointment tomorrow.

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