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Memorial Day BBQ

May 29, 2010
Dad's annual BBQ was this past weekend during the Memorial Day Holiday. We had a great couple of days filled with family and great food. Dad cooked on his pit all weekend. We started Thursday night by "rubbing butt" as we spiced up all the shoulders and butts to be cooked on the pit. After all the rubs were on, we feasted on some great steaks cooked by Daddy Mike. Then Dad put the first meat on the pit Friday morning and cooked continuously until Sunday night. We mixed up all the sauces on Friday night following a great meal of pit cooked ribs and pulled pork. Finally Saturday was here and we all ate the scrumptious BBQ chicken with all the fixins'. We had a smaller turn out this year for the reunion, but it didn't damper our spirit of eating. We spent memorable quality time at the tree house laughing and telling stories. Sunday we finished by pulling and chopping up the shoulders. It was lots of work, but tons of fun! Max enjoyed the weekend by playing in the tree house and in the creek. It really reminded me of my fabulous childhood in the backyard. I look forward to watching both of them grow up playing there!

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