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Hair Did

June 2, 2010

Kayla and I spent the day together at the salon on Wednesday. She has been wanting to get her hair cut like mine so I made her an appt with me. I was also getting my hair colored so Kayla and I decided she needed some color. Hahahaha! We made a game plan and asked her Daddy if we could color her hair. Of course, he didn't care and we decided it was going to be a "surprise" for her Mom. Giggle! Well, I chickened out on the whole "surprise Mommy" plan and secretly talked the Shannon. I decided I now had a little girl in this chess game and pay backs could be REALLY BAD. Shannon agreed to play along and warned me to be good. Hahahahaha. Well, we got to the salon and first had to pick Kayla's color from the selection below. LOL! No surprise, she picked her favorite color . . . blue! She got the whole experience of bleaching the area first, sitting under the dryer to set it, washing in the salon sink, painting the color on with papers in her hair, under the dryer again, washing again, and finally the cut and style. We cut it from below her shoulders to her chin and it looks GREAT! The blue area is around her left ear so that it can easily be hidden if needed. Although, Shannon said on Thursday she had to wear a barrette to hold up her other hair so the blue could be easily seen. Giggle! We had so much fun! I laughed at her because she had never done the salon thing. When Debbie, our stylist, took a large round brush to dry and style her hair, she jumped and said "what is that!?" We all cackled and said, "A brush, Kay-la!" She is such a cutie, and now our hair styles match exactly except for the fact I am just blond (or yellow as Max says) and she is BLUE!

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