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Evening Fun

August 11, 2010

Tonight we had several FFMs (Fun Family Moments).  We took an adventure to the fountains at the Streets to let Max play.  We haven't been much this summer because it's just been too hot to sit out with mKate.  Max was very excited and played really hard.  Since mKate can sit up, we decided to let her try it out.  She went nuts-o and loved the water.  We sat her by one of the fountains and she kept leaning over to the water.  She would put her feet in the spray, her hands, her booty, and eventually her face.  When it got her face we expected a melt down, but she just cackled and leaned in for more.  Whoa, she is so easy going!  After the water play, Jay took us to eat and then to the new CeCe's.  Max had a really yummy time preparing his frozen yogurt cup.  His recipe was vanilla yogurt, gummy worms, lucky charms, fruity pebbles, peanut butter chips, captain crunch, oreos, and m&ms.  Jay stuck with the safety of oreos and vanilla yogurt. I scooped up cake batter yogurt with gummy worms and heath bar bits.  Poor mKate ate baby food squash, but she did it like a trooper and ate the whole cup!  Memories are so important in life, I am so glad we made some simple special ones tonight!
In Mary Kate's words, "Hoo Hoo, HOOOO!"

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