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Mama Nora Days

August 7, 2010

Look how far we've come my baby!  Today we celebrated Max's time with Mama Nora.  Nora has kept Max since he was just 3 mo old.  He has loved everyday and made some special friends at her house.  But as life goes, Max is growing up and moving on to Pre K on Monday.  He will get the opportunity to learn in a school atmosphere and meet lots of new friends.  Mommy is very nervous about this transition, but feels it is a great building block for Max.  Mama Nora is special to us.  She kept Mommy as a baby and toddler, Uncle Jon, Uncle P, and now Max and Mary Kate.  We have been very blessed to have her in Max's life. She has given him many foundations that he will build upon in the next years. Mary Kate will continue her nurturing time with Nora and Max will move on to big boy school!
First Day: August 20, 2006

Last Day: August 7, 2010

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