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SC Fair

August 8th, 2010

The yearly fair has been in town so Grandma and Pawpaw took the kid-os (big & little) on Saturday night.  We had lots of spin-y fun.  We all got unlimited ride armbands and rode until we couldn'e see straight.  Didn't notice when I was little, but most rides tend to go in a circle.  Whew!  I spent the rest of the night a little dizzy, but the giggles and smiles were totally worth it.  The kids love to ride the berry version of the teacups with me.  I crank that thing as hard and fast as I can and they all squeal.  I love it.  My head and stomach don't love it as much, but we had a blast.  The attendant even slowed the ride at one point (we inside didn't notice) because of all the yelling.  Jay said once he realized it was giggling he cranked it back up.  Mary Kate even got to ride her first carousel.  I talked the guy running it into letting me hold her.  I hope he didn't get in trouble, because she cackled and smiled the whole time.
The kids favorite ride with me, "spin it faster, faster, faster!"
Max's favorite ride, "the octopus"
mKate's First Ride
What can I say?

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