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Mary Kate's Party

February 5, 2011

We finally got to have Mary Kate's party as originally planned.  After delaying 2 weeks, everyone in our house was some what well.  We enjoyed a Pancake Party at Larriviere's for her first party.  She loved all the balloons and presents.  She was a little confused about everyone she knows being in the same place at one time.  I laughed because she just looked around the room and wrinkled her eyebrow.  I felt like she was thinking, "Why are ALL of you here and looking at me.  Everyone is talking to me?"  Hahaha Just my perception on her look.  She didn't dive into her giant cupcake like she did at pictures, but she did sample some of the icing.  I thought she looked like a little doll in her cupcake dress and big pink bow.  I just love her bows and little grin.  Thank you God for our precious one year old.

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