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Weekend with the Cuzs

February 25, 2011

Friday the kids got a huge surprise when they found out that their cousins were coming to town.  They were even more thrilled to find out they were coming to our house.   Tristan and Kayla got to the house about dinner time and stayed with us until dinner on Saturday.  We all had so much fun.  Friday night they got to stay up "all night" (as Max calls it) watching movies.  Saturday Jay and I ventured out with all four kids . . . crazy?  Actually no, it went quite smoothly.  It was funny to hear each person's comments in different stores.  "oh wow, we talked about having a big family"  Hahaha. The kids ate a good breakfast before we left and then we all got ready.  Whoa, it takes a good while to get four kids ready to hit the town.  Jay did a fabulous job while I did the girls hair.  Mary Kate's hair went up real easy and then Kayla let me pull hers up too.  She did pigtails with bows for the day.  She volunteered for hair bows like Mary Kate.  (Very out of the norm for Kayla, who hates to just brush her hair.)  While shopping, we surprised the kids with lunch at Mickey D's, toys at Target, and then a trip to the Popcorn Store.  They each picked out a flavor and took home their own bag.  It was great to get to spend the day spoiling them and actually getting our errands done too. They even all took naps once we got home. Thanks for sharing them Ty and Shannon!  It was great! !

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