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3 Birthdays in One

April 16, 2011
Saturday we had lots of celebrating to do at the skating rink.  We partied for Tristan's 6th, Kayla's 8th, and Jacob's 11th birthdays. We are so blessed to have these 3 kid-os in our lives.  They each add a special touch to our family.  It was loads of fun to skate and try to teach Max how to skate.  Tristan and Max were a real pair falling all over the floor.  They didn't care at all though, they were just happy to be together and having fun.  We had a Twilight theme, a Star Wars theme, and a Skulls theme during the pizza and cake portion of the party.  It was amazing how each table blended with the next to make the whole room look great.  Happy Birthday!!
Max attempting to skate

Tristan's Star Wars

Happy 6th Tristan

Happy 11th Jacob

Happy 8th Kayla

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