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Kelley Easter

April 16, 2011

Wow!  Yes, as you can tell our Saturday was packed out.  We started the morning with breakfast at Cracker Barrel, just the four of us.  Secondly we had pictures with the bunnies that I posted earlier.  Then we had an Easter Egg Hunt at the hospital.  Next we went to the skating rink for all the Cousins  Birthday Parties.  Finally we arrived back at the Kelley's for our Easter.  We celebrated Easter with the Kelley Family this weekend since Shannon, Ty, Tristan, and Kayla were all going to be home.  We did our annual Easter egg hunt and all the kids racked up.  This is the first year that money had been in the eggs.  Each egg had a quarter in it and there were over 200 eggs in the front yard.  To say to the least, the kids racked up.  Mary Kate even collected $1.75.  She was very tired and did not understand why everyone was telling her to "pick it up"  and "put them in your basket."  She thought we were crazy.  The rest of the kids ran like crazy and picked them all up in a matter of minutes.  Due to the weather, we had to go inside to count treasures and money.  I think Jacob collected the most eggs this year.  We followed the hunt with a great steak dinner that required some family members to eat off 2 plates because their first plate had too much on it!  Yummmy.  It was all so good and so much fun.  I love reliving holidays through my kids. 
Teaching mKate what to do

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

"Here's one Mary Kate!"





Kayla, Shannon, and Tristan

What a bunch of Kelley Kids

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