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Spring Pics

April 16, 2011
This weekend the kid-os had pictures made with bunnies at a local shop in town. Just like last year, Max loved the bunnies and wanted to take them home.  (Shhhh, please don't tell him they were for sale!)  Mary Kate had a different take on the situation.  I think she was stunned at so many people cheering her on to smile and pet the bunny.  She just glared back at us and then I decide to give her a bunny.  This sent her into hysterics and the picture shoot was over.  Funny memories!

April 13, 2011
The weather was sunny today and my iris are in full bloom . . . . so I decide to attempt to get a quick picture of the kids before lunch.  Hahaha!  It is next to impossible to get your own kids to sit dow, be quite, stop touching, look at me,  and smile!  all at the same town.  After a few gazillion pictures, these are my favorite two . . .

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