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Max's 5th Birthday

June 25, 2011
Saturday was Max's 5th Birthday!!!  AHH!  I cannot believe he is FIVE.  Time truly does fly once you become a parent.  "It happens in a blink, It happens in a flash, It happens in the time it took to look back,  I try to hold on tight, but there is no stopping time . ."  I have had so much fun in the past five years.  I cannot even imagine what God holds in his future.  He has been such a blessing to Jay and I and everyone else his smile reaches. 
This winter when we were planning Mary Kate's first birthday, Max began planning his party.  He quickly announced that he wanted a pool party at Grandma and Pawpaw's House.  We were thrilled with the idea compared to the water slides at our house in the past.  The slides were great, but I was ready for something new.  After some discussion we came up with the pirate theme and all the goodies for it. 
Obviously this year was the Year of the Pirate Party

We had some awesome red, white, and black cupcakes.  Abby helped me find some neat little bendy pirates and jolly roger flags to decorate the cakes.  They turned out just right and the kids loved taking home the pirates.  The black cupcakes left a real print on the kids as you can see in Hayden's picture below.
Due to the hot summer weather, Jay and I wanted to have fresh fruit and dip.  Jay brainstormed (and googled) a fruit pirate ship.  He did a beautiful job carving it.  He and Pawpaw worked on the flags to get them just right in the body of the ship.  Grandma and I balled melons until we couldn't ball anymore.  We had enough fruit for the neighborhood.  The party turned into a real family cookout as Big Daddy made pulled pork and tasty baked beans.  The meal was scrumptious.  We are thankful for all our great cooks!
Jay made us a Pirate Ship fruit bowl, yummy!
Being his birthday, Max got present after present.  I think he successfully has one of everything now.  Thank you everyone.  It literally took days for him to go through all his new goodies and play with them.  We enjoyed spending the days learning the new toys.  It is fun to be a kid like that again!
Max opening presents with Tristan and Kayla

Baby Logan and Sassy B's first pool experience

Kerrigan enjoyed Mary Kate's little pool
The weather was iffy that morning with even a little rain shower, but it cleared by party time.  We had a beautiful afternoon with lots of sunshine and plenty of heat.  The kids and lots of the adults enjoyed cooling off in the pool.  They all played well together with the pool toys and floats.  The little ones even got in on the fun of hte pool.  It was great to see Max living it up with all his buddies.  He was thrilled to see all his friends.
Lot of kids in one pool

Jay and his girl
Pirates:  left to right back row:
Talan, Kayla, Jacob, Trace, Spencer, Quinton, Ashton
front row:
Drew, Mac, Brandon, Brayden, Max, Kirkland, Tristan, and Jack
Some of our pirates for the day

Riding the ship across the ocean on the treasure hunt
Jay and I drew up a 'real treasure map' as Max called it.  It was a sketch of the yard with dashes for the path and a big red x marks the spot.  I then spent 2 days soaking them in coffee to age them for the real look.  They stunk, but looked really authentic for the day.  We lined the pirates at the far end of the pool with their swords, hats, eye patches, and maps.  Then Jay escorted them across the 'ocean' aka pool in  the pirate ship to the far away land.  Once across the pool they had to go out the gate, thru the front yard, and around the house.  The map then brought them back in the fence and to the sand box (how appropriate?).  X then marked the spot in the sand box where a treasure box was found.  It was full of candy booty like necklaces, bracelets, and ring pops.  The treasure hunt went really quickly for the planning that went into it, but it was fun to see the kids in the pirate dress up pieces.
Quinton and Kirkland

The Pirate Gang during the treasure hunt

Hayden loved his chocolate cupcake

More presents

Aunt Josie and Uncle Jon playing with the pirates on the ship

Big Daddy, mKate, and Jack

Michael in his tube!

Unk EEE and Aunt Shannon diving thru the floats

Ahoy Matey, Jonathan
We couldn't have asked for anything more with this party.  The weather was beautiful, we got to spend time with family and friends that love Max, the pool setting was great to beat the heat, and the kids giggled all day.  There isn't much that is better than kids giggling.  I wonder what the next year will bring!  I love you Max!  Happy Birthday to you, little buddy!!

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Arrrrrr, looks like everybody had a wonderful time :) You guys are such adorable parents :) What a GREAT idea for a birthday party.

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