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Birthday Build a Bear

June 24, 2011
Tonight Max got an early birthday treat from Unk EEE and Miss Cheri.  He had asked for a Build a Bear for his birthday, so they took him to build one.  They first went on a dinner date on one of Max's favorite restaurants . . . McDonald's and then they went on to build.  Mary Kate even got in on the action and tagged along.  Max made a really cool camo bear with Cars 2 pjs and a tent to sleep in.  Mary Kate must have given her best puppy dog face because she came home with a bear too.  She picked out a bear and then I am guessing Unk EEE helped design the clothing.  The EEE Bear has on a Blue and White cheer uniform.  After building they all went to Sweet Cici's for dessert.  Both of the kids were wired when we got home.  They could not wait to tell us all about it.  Mary Kate kept kissing all over her bear and Max talked us through the whole experience.  What a great gift and lots of special memories.  Thanks Unk EEE and Miss Cheri!!

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