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At the Pool

August 2011
The kids and I have spent some precious time at Grandma and Pawpaw's pool this summer.  I try to take them one of the two days I am off during the week.  Then we usually end up over there at some point during the weekend to swim.  As Max says it they are both "brown as a biscuit."  It is no surprise that Max loves his time in the water.  He swims, dives, jumps through ring floats, and any thing else he can dream.  Mary Kate has grown to love the water this year.  At the beginning of the summer she would barely get on the steps by herself.  Now we have to watch her like a hawk because she will jump off the side to no one in particular.  She also loves to take her flower ring float, place it on the step, crawl in it feet first,  and then push off into the middle of the pool.  Once away from the steps she spins in circles and giggles "wwweeeee."  I love it!  I am so thankful to be able to spend this precious time with my little ones.
Mary Kate loves to play in the "rinse off your feet" bucket of water.
Naked baaabbby is getting to swim today with her bottle.
Best Buddies, Max and Tristan
Another set of buddies playing in mKate's pool, Max, Jacob, and Sugar Baby

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