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A Day with Jack

September 1, 2011
This week we were blessed to be able to spend a day with one of Max's favorite buddies, Jack.  We love spending time with Jack and his family, but today it was just Jack.  His Daddy dropped him at the house on his way to work and his Mommy didn't come get him until late afternoon.  We had a day full of fun.  For breakfast, I made all three of the kids french toast and sausage.  Max and Mary Kate love powered sugar as their topping so I put that on Jack's too.  When I realized he wasn't eating it, I asked him if he would rather have syrup.  He replied, "Yes, ma'am" so I quickly made a new piece and topped it with warm syrup.  He took a bite and chewed and chewed and chewed.  After several minutes of chewing I asked him what was wrong with the toast.  He then informed me that his Daddy didn't allow him to eat french toast.  Trying to hide my grin, I asked him why, he tole me he didn't know, but if his Daddy found out he was going to get in trouble.  I said "Trouble?"  He replied, "Yes, ma'am, Daddy doesn't let me eat french toast.  I am not allowed."  Almost hysterically I told him to quick spit it in the trash and get rid of the plate.  I explained that I didn't know and that I never want him in trouble.  He followed my instructions hurried and we got rid of all evidence of french toast.   Hahaha!  Hilarious!  You have to love preschoolers!  Later the boys both helped me make cookies for a family reunion the upcoming weekend.  They loved rolling the oreo batter for oreo balls.  It was ooeying and gooey and right up their alley.  After we took naps, we all went out to play in the water.  I turned on the big sprinkler and let them go.  They all three jumped, bounced, and ran through the rain.  It is adorable to watch them interact.  Max mothers Jack and then they both mother Mary Kate.  She just follows them any where they explore.  Thank you Abby and Nick for a special day with Jack.  I can't wait until Sully can come over too!

She was exhausted after a day with the boys!

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