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The Fair . . . again

August 20, 2011
Saturday night we went back to the big fair that is running this week.  This time we headed out with Jay's sister's family and kids, Grandma and Pawpaw again, and Uncle Lee and Aunt Cheri again.  I guess my kidos kind of benefited from everyone else's situations and got to go twice.  Lee and Cheri only had their kids last weekend so we went with them, and then Shannon and Ty don't live here and didn't visit until this weekend so we went again.  Married parents and live in town = bonus for Max and Mary Kate . . . in more ways than they will ever know!  Big Smiles!  Anyways, now that the dynamics are laid out, we had another great evening.  We did get stuck in a 2 hr traffic jam to get across town and parked.  That delayed us a bit, but once in the gates the fun began.   The picture below is all three vehicles in a dry creek.  Too funny!  Pawpaw attempted to take us on short cut to avoid the traffic.  Yea, well it didn't work.  We had all four kids in our car and they went crazy.  "Where is Pawpaw going?  What are we doing."  Ahhh, that is what memories are made of! 

This week we ventured into the petting zoo portion of the fair.  We never made it here last week, but I am so glad we did now.  The kids went crazy petting and seeing all the animals.  Mary Kate thought it was exceptionally funny when the licked her hands.  Max loves being with Tristan and Kayla and hanging out with them. I think Mary Kate loves having another girl around with her.  We had a great time and can't wait to go again next year . . .hopefully twice!

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