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Warrior Dash

September 17, 2011
Jay and I recently ran our first obstacle course.  The "Warrior Dash"  was held nearby and a group of us decided to attempt it.  I think our group ended up with 12 members.  The Warrior Dash was a 3.5 mile run through farmland with 12 obstacles.  We climbed walls with ropes, crawled over hay piles, crossed over cargo nets, ran through tires, over cars, slide down fireman poles, jumped over fire, and finally swam through mud. It was SO MUCH FUN!  I am so glad we did it and can't wait to do another one.  My brothers decided to run the course in costume as you can see in the below pictures.  They caught alot of eyes in their cut off daisy duke shorts.

Jon painting on Josh's mustache
Jay, Jess, Josie, Jon, and Josh
The brave eleven:  Amanda, Chance, Ryan, Jess, Jay, Barb, Leigh Anne, Scott, Josie, Jon, & Josh

Barb climbing the first wall
Up and over the cargo nets
Swimming through the mud
Jay and I after the race.  Yay!! We did it!
The dirty eleven!
After the race, we all headed over to Amanda and Chance house to watch the UT game, eat,  and hang out.  Logan was loving all the attention he was getting while playing in the floor.  Mean while Aubrey and Brycen were getting a little close while drawing with side walk chalk outside.  Later in the night we found out that Aubrey is going to be a big sister.  YAY!  Leigh Anne and Scott!!  I can't wait to meet Little Baby Weaver.  Finally, as the night was drawing to a close, I got a picture of several of the kids on the couch.  Too cute.  What a great way to end a fabulous day! 

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