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Disney on Ice

October 7, 2011
What a night!!  Thursday a group of thirteen of us dared to the crowds and took our kid-os to Disney on Ice.  We had a great time and saw a fabulous show.  The kids deserve to be bragged on because they were all so well behaved.  I don't think we had any big fits, melt downs, or fights.  (We might of had a close moment or two, but none that stick out in my mind.)  We started the night by meeting at Chick Fil A for dinner and playtime.  Then we headed downtown and over to the show.  The show was great, but wathcing our kids faces was the best part.  Our crew included (From L-R in the kid picture)  Jack with his mom Abby, Kerrigan with her mom Gindy, Emerson with her mom Amanda, Max with his dad Jay, Mary Kate and I, and Carter with his dad Clay.  Once inside we met up with Brandi and Madelyn.

Amanda and Emerson shared a funnel cake
Brandi and Madelyn  shared some cotton candy
Abby and Jack are focused on the show
Mary Kate wanted to dance
Carter, Max, and Emerson were trying out their Wal-Mart version light ups that we brought along.
Kerrigan buddied up with Abby to watch the show
Carter was loving his cotton candy
Emerson preferred the crown over the cotton candy
Then Kerrigan took her turn in the crown.  She didn't know what to think!
I love my snuggle buddy, Max
The Finding Nemo characters, Dory, Nemo, and Bruce
Max and Jay checking out the characters
At the end of the show all the characters came out to say good-bye.

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