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Out of Space

October 9, 2010

Ok guys and gals, I have hit the wall.  I have reached the mark. . . . . I have successfully used up all of Blogger / Google's free space to blog.  I had to purchase more space last night and wait for it to hit my blog before I could continue.  Can you believe it?  When I started blogging three years ago I figured you couldn't ever use it all up.  I guess all free things run out.  So we will continue on with a new subscription to space as google calls it.  I enjoy my blog and the ability it gives me to record my family and our journey together in life.  I especially LOVE how I have now began the adventure of printing my blog on a yearly basis.  It is kind of my new way to scrapbook "us."  Once Max started crawling I found it difficult to pull out my closet worth of scrapbooking material.  He wanted in it all.  I also couldn't bring myself to drop him off with the babysitter to come home and scrapbook.  It felt like the two collided. . . .take him to someone else to care and make memories with while I was alone scrapbooking other memories.  So scrapbooking lacked while I struggled to figure out a balance.  Then our dearest friends began their calling as missionaries at a college campus in Mexico.  Amanda came up with the brilliant idea they we could all blog to keep up with each other's daily life.  So blogging I began and now I continue as it has answered my dilemma of recording our life.  I can quickly download pictures and type up thoughts of the day while the kids nap.  I don't have to worry or be stressed about paper, scissors, markers, and stickers.  I do miss those days because I love to be crafty, but for now this fits.  Sometimes I will slack and play catch up with blogging multiple events at a time, but it eventually gets done.  Well, that is my story and now I have to get back to making use of my yearly subscription to "space."  Ha!  Hope you enjoy and much as I do!


The 'Smarty Pants' Family said...

I didn't know you had to pay after you have used up all the space:\

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