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Kelley Thanksgiving

November 19-21, 2011
We changed up our traditional Kelley Thursday Thanksgiving this year.  Since Shannon and Ty are living in Ashville, NC they were unable to come home.  Thus a roadtrip was born!  Jay and I headed up on Thursday night and the rest of the clan came up on Friday.  We had such a great weekend!  It was so nice to have no where to go, no other families to share time with, and no plans what so ever.  We were all 16 (more when neighbors were involved) in their house all weekend.  The kids all played to their hearts delight and the adults got to chat and hang out.  On Saturday we prepared our traditional dinner and ate and ate and ate.  All the food was fabulous.  I usually have a hard time giving up traditions and making changes, but this upset was well worth it.  I hope we do Thanksgiving like this until we get the Wilsons back in town! 

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