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Recovery at Home

Once I got home from the hospital my recovery was slow.  I spent the first week on the couch asleep.  Between the pain med and nausea meds it was difficult to stay awake.  When I was awake I found myself discouraged at how weak I felt.  Typically, I am a busy bee and never sit around the house.  It really played on my psych to have to lay on the couch.  I still needed Jay's help to get up off the couch or to sit up from laying down.  I was totally dependent on him for just about everything.  He was a great nurse and helped to calm me down when I got frustrated at all my inabilities.  It is a crazy feeling to go from 110% independent to completely dependent on one person. I am very thankful that my strength is returning and I am becoming much more independent. 
Our meals calendar started on Monday after we arrived home on Sunday.  So on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays our dinner was cooked and brought to us.  This was a huge burden off Jay's shoulders to not have to worry about cooking.  It also gave us a good time to visit with people.  Some friends brought it by, visited for a few minutes, and left; and others brought food over and stayed to eat with us.  Like I said it was a nice time to talk with others and feel the outside world other than our house walls.  It also motivated me off the couch and up and moving even when I didn't feel like it.  In ways it brought me back to reality from my spot on the couch.
We spent those first days at home, but by late in the week I was begging to get out of the house.  Thursday Mary Kate had a renal ultrasound at Vandy.  She had some UTIs this summer and we had to follow up with an ultrasound to check structures.  Thank goodness, everything came back clear and healthy.  I did relatively well getting out of the house.  Of course I was dog tired when we got home and slept most of the next day.  We went to Max's soccer game on Saturday and then on a field trip to Kroger on Sunday.  I was thrilled to be getting out of the house.  These short trips made me feel more like myself.  I was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

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