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Union Elem Fun Run Awards

September 21, 2012
Friday was the awards for the Fun Run at Max's elementary school.  In August, the kids collected donations and pledges per lap on the school's track.  Then they had a special day where each class went out and participated in a run to have their laps calculated.  On the awards day the kids were given prizes for most money collected and most laps ran.  The school's goal was to raise $20,000.  Much to the principal and teachers' surprise the kids raised almost $40,000.  The kids were all very excited and proud of themselves.  The child that collected the most money was in Max's class with $1,600.  During the awards he got first pick of the prize toys.  He chose a new iPad to take home.  Max received a medal for the amount of laps he ran.  He won second place out of all the kindergartners with eleven laps.  His best friend, Will, won first place with twelve laps.  For fifth grade, Trace won first place for number of laps.  It was a neat day to see the kids pick out prizes and receive medals for a job well done.  I thought the school did a really good job recognizing them for their efforts in helping raise money.

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