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Union's Butterfly Launch

October 4, 2012
Max's school has a butterfly program every fall and all the classes get to participate.  He was super excited about the day and seeing all the butterflies.  The classes all come outside and sit around a central location where all the butterflies are placed.  They are in different containers awaiting their release.  When school starts each fall different classes starting learning about the butterflies and raise them in their classrooms.  The learning is incorporated throughout the school.  In class they make art projects like hats, wings, and costumes to use during the program.  Their music teacher designs special songs and rhymes for the the grade levels to sing.  Each of these lessons help the students to learn the life cycle, migration, and importance of butterflies.  During the program all this work is used as the classes take turns performing.  Then at the end of all the performances the butterflies are released.  It is wild and crazy, but very special to watch as they take flight.  The take short flights from person to person as they dry their wings before the big flight.  Then as they feel confident they fly up high and away for the winter.  I am very excited at these special learning experiences Max is getting already in his school career.  I cannot wait to see what other neat things he will get to so this year. 

Our nephew, Trace (5th Grade), reading part of a story in the program.

Maddie and Linden


Mary Kate trying to help her butterfly take off by blowing on it


Max held several butterflies before they took off

They kept landing on Bebe

Bebe and Big Daddy

Max's teacher-Mrs. Miller-Shannon had several land on her too, this one liked her pretty hair.

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