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Go Red Day

February 1, 2013
Friday was "Go Red for Women Day" with American Heart Association.  I have always participated with this at work and worn my red scrubs.  Obviously, with my heart surgery this year the day took on a whole new meaning.  I got really excited as the day drew close and made sure my family was ready to participate.  I was fortunate and found a shirt with hearts on it for myself and then I added my surgery date to the center.  The day that changed everything.  Max wore his red, I got Mary Kate a red top with lots of hearts, and Jay also wore red to work.  I reminded all my friends and family about the day.  I was touched as they sent me pictures of themselves in red through out the day.  Jay's work and my hospital even participated in the day.  It was an amazing day for women with heart disease.  Jay doesn't like when I call my defect heart disease, but in the medical world it is congenital heart disease.  Amazing.  Along with AHA awareness with women, I submitted my story to the website for Go Red.  Since then I have gotten confirmation and my story is published with all the other survivors on the page.  It was a touching moment for me to see my picture listed there with all the other women.  I have been forever changed my this journey and I am so excited about my future.  Thanks to everyone who has prayed for me during this healing process.  Each one of you have a made a difference in my life.  Love.

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