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The Circus

January 26, 2013
This year's Ringling Brothers Circus was a night fun of full.  We started the night early with dinner at The Spaghetti Factory with Chance, Amanda, and Logan.  Then we arrived at the circus for the preshow and to meet the clowns.  Mary Kate wasn't sure about all the clowns, but Max a fun posing for pictures with them.  The preshow included acrobats, an inflatable playhouse, elephant painting, dog tricks, and lots more.  It is always neat to be able to be on the floor with all the performers.


The circus had a theme of dragons this year with numerous animals.  The tricks done on the horses was amazing.  Then later in the show all the lions and tigers came out to the center ring.  The tiger pictured below was named Max.  Of course our Max thought that was really cool.  He was a huge tiger that did all the commands on cue.  Mary Kate and I enjoyed watching the elephants parade and stand on their hind legs.  One elephant even did a handstand!  We all had a blast this year and look forward to going again next year.


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