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Making Easter Treats

March 29, 2013

We spent Good Friday together as a family this year.  Jay had already planned to take the day off with Max for his spring break from school.  Then unfortunately I got sick with strep throat and stayed home most of the week.  Jay went to the store and bought supplies after I surfed pinterest for ideas.   We decided on making rice krispie baskets.  Mary Kate loved mixing up and taste testing the rice krispies.  Max really enjoyed the decoration part where we put green icing in for grass, jelly beans for eggs, and twizzlers for basket handles.  Our next project was dying eggs for deviled eggs with Easter dinner on Sunday.  We found an awesome recipe to dye the egg after it is peeled.  After we boiled them, Jay dyed the eggs  and I made the filling to go back in them.  I was quite impressed with our colored deviled eggs.  It was hilarious to see every one's faces when they saw them and tasted them.  I have a huge hang up with things not looking like what they are suppose to taste like.  For example it sets me off when I get a red peppermint and it tastes like cinnamon.  So with that said, I didn't brave the pretty eggs, but out family said they tasted like a normal egg.  Lol.  Fun stuff.  I love doing activities like this as a family.  I wish I hadn't been sick, but it was still a great afternoon.

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