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Valentines Day

February 14, 2014

This year we exchanged homemade valentines again between the four of us.  The kids and I enjoy pulling out all the paper, scissors, glitter, and other crafty goodies.  We look forward to chances to make a mess and play with them all.  These valentines hold a special place in my heart since they are handmade by each of us.  The kids did a great job and got really artistic with their designs this year.  MaryKate even made one for her boyfriend, Spencer Miller.  

On Valentines morning we took Kirkland and made a quick stop for donuts before school.

The kids both had parties that afternoon.  We were able to attend both of them because they differed in time by just enough.

Jay was out of town and flew back in the afternoon so our gifts had to wait.  Once we were home from school, the kids found their valentines on the table.  They were both excited with their little treats and gifts.  

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