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MaryKate's Rapunzel Party

February 1, 2014

This past Saturday was MaryKate's big Rapunzel party.  She (and I) has been planning it for months now.  We went to a friend's party last spring that was hosted by Cinderella and MaryKate was inspired.  As we drove home from the party she told me that she wanted a "Punzel Party" for her next "burfday."  So the planning began . . . .  now the day has come and gone and I am kind of sad.  We had lots of fun crafting, dreaming, and planning for the big day.  Jay got involved and helped with all the hair decor around the house.  We had Rapunzel hair coming out of windows, wrapping around the house, and then strung all over my living room.  Along with the hair we made pennants and strings of flags like Rapunzel's village.  A special friend that has done my hair since childhood made MaryKate a hairpiece for the day.  She took yarn of Rapunzel yellows and crafted a headband that could be worn and braided.  MaryKate was on cloud 9 with her braid.  She proudly wore it most of the day.  I had a lovely cake made with Pascal on top to watch over the party goers. MaryKate made it clear that this was a girls only party.  We were able to sneak in a few boys and thank goodness she wasn't rude.  Most of the older kiddos played outdoors during the party.  It was a blessing to have a warm beautiful day so that they weren't all trapped in my  house.  As the girls arrived we sat them all at a 'banquet table' for painting.  I had purchased canvas squares for each child and used contact paper to mount their initial to it.  They were all encourage to paint and decorate the entire canvas with colors.  Once the paintings dried, we peeled the initials off and a white letter remained in the middle.  I was pleased as to how they turned out and the uniqueness of each individual child shined with them.  Rapunzel arrived as we were finishing the paintings and took over the party.  For the next hour or so she entertained them with stories, princess manners, dancing, and face painting.  She also took time to have a princess coronation with a wishing stone and Tinkerbell dust over each little princess' head.  The girls were ecstatic.  They were thrilled to get to interact with Rapunzel on such a personal level.  The princess did a fabulous job with all the kids.  She listened to them and took time to make each of them feel special.  I totally recommend if you are looking for a character in our area.  After Rapunzel left we ended up having an impromptu slumber party because the kids were having such a good time together.  We ordered pizza and watched movies for the evening.  Then in the morning we tossed pancakes across the kitchen and celebrated MaryKate's birthday a little bit more.  

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